Golden bricks

Golden bricks

Worth more than they are worth. Wait, what?

So what is shiny and costs roughly 15 times its actual value? Why a 25.65g of 14K gold Lego brick, naturally! For one, it's Lego, and that already can make people go stupid with money. Seriously, looking at some of the kits fetching a few hundred dollars at retail, it's stupidly insane what people are willing to pay for things.

Second, and most obviously, it's gold. Gold means it's special right? Well that depends. It's 14K so not flawless and I have a pikachu card that is plated 24K that I got for four bucks. Oh I know, "plated, not solid.” Still, gold tends to be inflated in price well above its actual value when you make it “something.”

The actual value of the brick? A little less than $900 currently. Well let's factor in that it's rare. Apparently these bricks were few and far between and only made between the late 70s and early 80s for select employees and very special business partners. Given all that, what is the current asking price? About $15,000. 

I personally just about spit my coffee out when I read this, and OK, in retrospect this is not as insane as some things. Amazing Fantasy #15, the debut of Spider-Man: A 12 cent comic has sold in “near mint” for over $ 1.1 million. I just can't seem to get over how much people will inflate a cost for things, however.

I guess it's what makes me a crappy collector. I get things I like periodically, and don't go out blowing money on those that I don't have. Would I love a full sized Star Destroyer model used in the filming of Star Wars? Well yes, but where would I keep it and moreover, why the hell would I pay hundreds of thousands for one? I could get a better house paid in full for the cost of one of those. This Lego brick? A new car? I suppose I just don't give material things value; it's all impermanent after all.