Google rejects your politicos and replaces it with cats.

Google rejects your politicos and replaces it with cats.

I would have picked otters personally.

Not long ago, there was a horrible invention that rocked the world called the Internet. Through this evil device misinformation, half-baked quazi-philosophy and a great many other things found their way to the minds of those of lesser stock-creating legions of followers whom then clung to every word as if it were undeniable truth.

Heroes such as fact check arose to eradicate the darkness, and though they battle on, the overwhelming masses continue to only grow, developing platforms known as “social media sites” to weave their spells of anti-erudite logic. The good high born of the land had no choice but be witness to the tainted nonsense that was until Lord Google rose from his throne and said enough was enough.

To combat the growing issue, Google unleashed an extension for their Chrome browser that turns political threads that find their way onto your Facebook wall or Twitter feed into images of cats. It is a well known fact on the Internet that the best defense against stupidity is a picture of a cat doing something adorable.

Sadly the “" is only for Google chrome, those using other browsers will still have to endure the onslaught. I will say- honestly- that when it comes to the land of the web anymore, I really, really can't help but picture a healthy population being “ that guy.” You know, the ones who have been around since the dawn of time with the wood signage tied to their back and front screaming about the end? It's sort of like that. Big difference being the “end is nigh” guys in the bronze age and up tended to use complete words and less semi-L337 or lol cat.