Halloween is dead to me

Halloween is dead to me

No, it's not coming back as a zombie.

Halloween is supposed to be a rather important holiday for quite a few people. For some, it's the festival of the harvest, for others it's new years, but for most people it's just a chance to eat candy. Look, it's alright there is no shame in an adult getting dressed up and going trick or treating. I don't care what anybody says; you do it for the candy!

I'm not going into great detail of the history of Halloween. There are a ton of shows on TV about Halloween night that cover that exact topic. I will point out that Halloween, as it has become known to most of us, is long dead. Well, for the longest time it has been about fun, costumes and candy, but it's become over commercialized, or just a joke in general it seems. 

There's nothing wrong with saying that it's also a children's holiday because let's face it, kids took over after few generations of it being an adult holiday and that's fine; it made it more fun. Going back to roots however, Halloween is supposed to be the night in which the veil, the boundary which separates the rounds of the living in the dead, is at its most powerful. That is supposed to create an eerie atmosphere.

And we all know that by having streets filled my little ponies and clowns (well clowns are pretty scary) and other things that just don't have anything to do with the theme of the holiday. It really is like somebody took Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas and actually blended it with Christmas and Halloween.

The way people spend, the way people decorate, the way things are advertised, the mass store displays and the bad TV specials. It really is one giant, commercialized holiday. It's almost like all feeling has been lost and we are simply going through the motions. It's kind of like being stuck with people you really don't care about anymore, but you're so used the habit of it all and just take it for granted. That is what Halloween seems to have become.