The Hoard wins state senate seat

The Hoard wins state senate seat

No good can come of this: Next raid meeting coming soon.

In a race for a seat in Maine's state senate, Democrat hopeful Colleen Lachowicz , a social worker, wife and step-mom was doing just what you would expect anyone running for office to do. That was until her opposition did what they usually do in these situations and started up the smear tactics, discovering that Colleen was a gamer. Moreover, a player of WOW.

"Disturbing alter-ego" and her "bizarre double life" were the calls from rivals hoping to topple Colleen's chances. They even went as far as to send out postcards and launched a website showing off her level 85 orc assassin "Santiaga," but rather than caving she ran with it.

The rivals even posted all sorts of comments she had made and flooded her campaign center with anti-gaming rants. It seemed this Orc had met her end. However when the polls closed and everything was counted, the Horde had gained a seat in the state senate. I find insane amounts of humor in this story to be honest.

I suppose more because it's a sign of the shifting generations in power, those of my age are in office now, and many are still active gamers and generally more social. Moreover, it shows people sometimes prefer seeing their candidates as humans whom have normal lives they can identify with.

Perhaps the reality is that it was a dirty thing to attack her on and it utterly backfired? I just love political fails like this. Though I wonder, if gaming was so bad and made her such a bad person for any position, then how did the opponents know about it and get all these quotes from InGame? Hm, something does not add up.