Lucas buy out

Lucas buy out

I sense much fear.

I write more than a few blogs, and you can be sure most of them this week are covering this. Why? Because this is what many of us grew up on. That and I admit to having a pretty unhealthy obsession. It's a shame all my kids have aged past the point of using them for my own amusement. Oh those were the days.

Here is where the fear gets stupid. The idea that Disney will ruin it. Really? Have people not seen the prequels? The dry dialog, the over use of "front shot, revere shot over and over and over" when people are talking? The fact virtually everyone seemed so disconnected from their environment (because it was mostly all green screen). The utter lack of believable emotional impact in the writing, which is highly underplayed, or blown up into (bad) soap opera proportions?

The Star Wars I love to death were the originals. I didn't even mind the special edition. Yet why is it I LOVED those so dearly and sort of felt put off by the prequels? It becomes clear when you remember George had very little control in the first films, then took over everything and had a army of yes men with the newest ones. Nobody could say "Hey George, like the basic idea, but how about if we...” No, it was all George. 

He's a great idea man, and did do wonders in finding new ways to do things. The problem is as a filmmaker to his own end, he's not the best. Disney (and mind you, not Disney Studios) has a way of taking an IP and keeping it unique and true to itself (like Marvel). So at the end of the day, is Disney any worse than where the franchise was headed on its own?