ME3 extended cut coming June 26

ME3 extended cut coming June 26

May still be a fail.

While I admit to being an obsessive Mass Effect fan who was more or less kicked in the quads and left with a very, very bad taste in my mouth after going through ME3, I'm looking forward to the extended cut that was proposed as a way to placate the mass of fans who hated the schlock job the last 15 minutes of the series ended up becoming.

Let's not kid ourselves; it generated enough hate to get attention from media outlets that don't normally pay much attention to the “human side” of the gaming industry, such as Forbes, as well as other news outlets like the BBC.  Fans sent hundreds of cupcakes, all color coded with A,B, or C on them, mocking the “ABC choices players were left with," which was exactly what lead designers said they would not have. 

The game's last “bad guy,” a rather generic villain-type that players had killed hundreds of before suddenly became an icon, is Marauder Shields!  Fans wrote out hundreds of pages of plot holes and inconsistencies, pointing out things that were purely nonsensical to the universe as it's been presented for almost a decade: Finally Bioware HAD to do something about it.

The extended cut is said to “not fix the ending, but expand on it and give more closure.” Yes, some closure would be nice in some areas, but it seems that they really missed what was being said by its player base in large, which was “WTF? Where the hell did mass effect go?" The last 15 minutes made no sense, I didn't buy Deus and DOWN WITH STAR CHILD!

The extended cut comes out soon and it's free so there is no reason not to give it a shot. I averaged nine plays on each of the previous games, but ME3? Did it once and I even got the CE at a midnight release. I have not touched it since so my expectations at this point are pretty low.