More fake girlfriend apps

More fake girlfriend apps

Can you guess where it's from?

There is one place in this world where the idea of a virtual girlfriend has become 100 times more common than any place in the world, and countless versions have shown up in different media forms and such for well over a decade now to help combat insane amounts of social anxiety.

That's right: Japan. Where else? Sure, these things tend to branch out eventually, but pillow girlfriends, date Sims and even augmented reality dates all start there. It comes as no shock to see anything new in this “theme” come out.

This time it's a silly little iPhone app called “watching cute girl." It's basically exactly what you think it is. It's an app of a cute girl just watching you all dreamy eyed and periodically dropping one of some 180 pre-recorded comments and sweet nothings.

You know, I'm not even going to get snarky at this point. Truth is Japan has a major growth problem (that being zero percent) seeing males becoming more socially reclusive and shy, women becoming more aggressive and self-sufficient.

I know these apps are made to help comfort these situations a bit, but at the same time, isn't it also just going to exacerbate the problem more? I normally would roll over and laugh about going out and meeting people. Problem is that's not likely to happen when there is no incentive to in the first place. I'll just tip my hat and say “good job guys but no thanks, I'm an Android person anyway.”