Pizza Hut cologne proves the Mayans may be right

Pizza Hut cologne proves the Mayans may be right

I hope they are not, at least.

There are things that happen in this world that really call to question the wisdom of our species. Or, really I guess the proper way to word it would be “How has our species not dumbed itself out of existence yet?” and to that, I have no answer. The scientific community is out on this, mostly due to cuts in funding such things so that we can teach dogs to drive and cats to wear bread on their faces so that they can take over where we have failed.

Our wisdom failure has become more complete when Pizza Hut turned to their Facebook page and asked fans what they would name a scent that mimicked "a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened." (This is one reason I avoid Facebook like the plague; I don't need Pizza Hut or any other company stealing my imagination.)

The “winner,” if there was one, must have lost their imagination long ago, as had the PR people behind the whole thing. The winning name was “Eau de Pizza Hut." Following that, a little over 100 bottles were shipped out to Ontario to Pizza Hut Canadian fans. So BK did it once upon a time if I recall right.

I also see bacon-scented perfumes and cologne showing up. Do people realize that humans technically are still a prey animal? No? Well then again, that may do with the lack of wisdom, which I suppose may not be too bad. If our stupidity causes the Mayans to be right in the next few days, then it's the even stupider who will reak of food and make themselves easy targets in a world gone mad.