See-through bathrooms: crossing an artistic line?

See-through bathrooms: crossing an artistic line?

I C U...OK, I don't need to finish that joke.

If there is one place you would expect to be able to have some privacy, it's in the restroom. It's a nice little escape really. Public restrooms are a little nerve-racking but they can still make great momentary escapes from busy crowds and the likes. Yet apparently there is some mild amusement people may get from being able to go to the bathroom with tons of people around them, that they can see, yet know the others cannot see them.

How is that, you ask? Why, one-way mirrors naturally! Creepy really is more like it. The restrooms were created by British artist Monica Bonvicini, which she calls “Don’t Miss a Sec." I suppose the idea is to observe the world about you and never miss the chance to...I don't know see people, I guess? Honestly though, while going to the bathroom?

Something about it seems potentially wrong. There are a great many weird people in this world and the last thing I want is to know that there very well may be someone in that box who is more interested in um, other things. I'm not going to say that some of the artistic concepts are lost to me, 

I’m an artists myself, just more traditional forms, not so much the expressive or participatory visionaries, but to me there is a fine line between aesthetics and just plain odd. It's not necessarily comfortable “going” while thousands of people are walking a few feet away or leaning inches away and being aware of it is a line that really didn't need to be crossed.