A slow news week means you get an alpaca in clothing

A slow news week means you get an alpaca in clothing

There are more important news stories to cover.

Oh that is indeed a lovely alpaca. Her outfit and hat are just perfect for the party tonight! It's creepy yes, it does not seem to serve much of a point does it? Truth be told, no it does not, but that is alright because there is something to this. Truth is, it's a slow week to find anything really interesting to talk about or mock. Sure, there are plenty of things in the news that we could go over, but I said interesting, not usefully informational. Heck, this happens to actual serious news outlets, not just the smaller satirical or just plain odd sites like this.

What really grinds my gears is that when these down times seem to hit, people still have to work. I mean, you're not going to give up your ability to earn anything just because the world decided to take the day off right? That being said, it never really takes the day off, but most outlets also want ratings with news, so many things never get covered for that reason. 

The solution to this? Stupidity. Yes,barking puppies are adorable. Yes, I noticed the world's largest hamburger and at one ton, that seems like a pointless waste of resources. Yes, I know the shop down the street had silly hat day. Oh there is a toddler bikini contest going on downtown? That seems pretty sick, actually. I'm not sure you should advertise for that.

Bottom barrel stuff. And that, my dear friends, is today's fail. The very fact that there is so much going on in the world that SHOULD be important or educational and they would rather fill in a slower day with just crap, but the alpaca is cute, right? Learn nothing from it, other than people are odd. Perhaps its a sign that humanity should put the big boy/girl pants on sometimes and look out at the real world more and see past “ratings worthy news” and actually understand our world rather than talking about the monster trucks that are running on Sunday.