Top three Halloween fails

Top three Halloween fails

Costumes, houses and "fun size" candy bars

It's time to start something new, and by that I mean so heavily overdone that the fact I've yet to do them is a fail on its own. It's the top three biggest fails of Halloween. Naturally my opinion, though I'm pretty sure most can be agreed upon. That, and I'm the one writing this not you, so that makes it canon.1) Costume fail

One of the worst aspects of Halloween is going out looking stupid. I don't mean “haha, that's cute” stupid. I mean “wow, you REALLY considered this a good idea?” stupid. This could be things like going as Raggedy Andy or trying to squeeze 400 lbs into a cat suit intended for a woman no bigger than a size 10 or an anime schoolgirl outfit and being the “smallest” character of the cast. General rule of thumb: Avoid gag costumes when you can, unless it has relevance to your social group or, dress to your shape. Trust me (both men and women), this only draws more attention to being over/under weight and is not flattering at all.

2) THAT house

You know that house, there was always “THAT” house when you were younger. The house that gave you pencils or bibles or pennies. Worse cases of THAT house involves the house that is highly decked out, has a glass door you can see right into, see the massive bowl of candy and people sitting on the couch, but they won't get up when you ring the bell or knock. WTH man, there is trolling and then there is being just a lazy douche!  IT'S HALLOWEEN! I think you knew that!

3) Fun size

What am I going to do with a one quarter-size candy bar? Worse yet, you gave me one so I need to hit up three more houses and hope for the same fun size to get a candy bar. You're cutting my load down with those. Oh yes, to the kids reading this who were born after the "fun size" emerged: Once upon the time, we got full size candy bars and handfuls of them. Then the “much smaller” dark days came.