Twinkies CAN die after all

Twinkies CAN die after all

Right before the end of the world - great!

It's widely known by now: Hostess is going under thanks to slumping sales and a trade union strike that says "no deals made," leading the creator of empty calorie goodness to file for bankruptcy. Now I'm not going to get into the business end of this or one's opinion on corporations vs. unions etc.

Though I find it funny that when a company says “We need to cut wages OR lay people off to stay afloat" and the union tries to call their bluff, saying it's BS, but then the company goes under. It IS sort of an epic fail moment. Now, instead of making slightly less they all are making none (moreover, the people who were on the lower end and NOT part of the union). That is as far into this as I'll get because it is not the important part.

What is REALLY important is the loss of Twinkies! FINE, I admit I didn’t really like them. I liked Zingers better. They were colorful, but I WAS planning on making a fortress out of them one day and test just how well they would fare against canon fire. This also means no Ding Dongs. That is also a shame.

Those I could enjoy eating, but I also enjoyed throwing them onto the ice at hockey games. It really is pretty heartbreaking to see such an iconic company go down, even if they did nothing but aid to a fatter world, though I don't think they will be gone for good. True, they will never be the same Hostess, but brands and identities can be sold. The Twinkie kid may yet ride again someday.