Yes it's real: G- Spirits

Yes it's real: G- Spirits

Is there anything they won't bottle?

Because we live in an odd, odd world running short on gimmicks to make our products stand out for the sea of competitors, it's fallen to the most brazen to come up something new to meet this need. When it comes to alcohol, one of the oldest passions of our species ( and primates in general), it can be even harder.

Booze sells, sex sells and the two have gone hand in hand for countless generations. Yet it looks that G-Spirits have decided they should do more than hold hands. I'm not linking them directly for "more or less artsy," but still NSFW-ness.

The company recently released their lines of rum, vodka and whiskey that before bottled and sold were poured over the chests of some rather well known and loved models such as Hungary's 2012 Playmate of the Year, Alexa. After which point, it's collected, and sold off for around $150.

Now I'm no expert on vodka and the likes, I’m Scottish so it's all stouts and whiskey, so I'll say that I'm not too impressed. Whiskey is an art and a skill, not a play thing! I also can't tell who they're marketing to? Is it the lonely creepy horn dog? I mean, I suppose they would spend that sort of money for something that has touched a woman’s chest.

Is it for the people looking for a novelty? Those types rarely actually drink their collections. Is it for the overly snooty? I'm just so confused by the whole thing, but can't deny they may be onto something for the time being. It's when they cut costs and start using other people that are not models when you have to worry.