To Flame or Not to Flame...

To Flame or Not to Flame...

That's never the question.

Some may wonder why others feel the need to flame or troll others on the internet. The answer to that is often easily overlooked. Everybody on earth has those moments, largest difference is the targeted audience. It's not as simple as being a jerk however, Flaming is just as much an art as being a rogue in the real world. There is a fine line that separates a skilled troll or flamer, and a complete jerk.

Reasons to flame or troll can be quite diverse. It could be done to intentionally derail a silly argument that was going nowhere, perhaps it was to introduce a new argument or debate. Sometimes a successful flame can be used to illustrate just how silly ( read that as dumb) others can be when they let their temper get the best of them. A flame may simple be done for the laughs, or to simply add that moment of pure unadulterated chaos and discord.

Becoming a master flamer is not as simple as trial and error. Typically the best of the best have a natural way with their words and reading between the lines. The true masters can flame or troll without anyone even realizing they had been flamed. An innocent, naive question is often more than enough to send a conversation in to a whole new direction, or force an individual to respond with hasty and often less than rational rebuttals that threaten to undo any statements they have made before.

Being part of a flame war, or a troll is not inherently done for negative reasons. That said there are individuals whom do it for no other reason than to see others suffer. It's fairly easy to get these individuals fired up and putting their own foot in their mouth. It's important to to remind people that flaming is in itself an art form and something that takes skill. If someone is unable to dish it out, and more importantly take it, they are better off watching from a distance and staying away from the flames.