2012: It's the End of the World.

2012: It's the End of the World.

And the Mayans are laughing at our stupidity.

With the dreaded 2012 end of the world date now looking us in the face I felt it was a duty to take this time to give a flame based PSA. It's pretty safe to assume most people wont really care one way or another how things play out over the coming year and are smart enough to not give into the “ OMG THE MAYANS PREDICTED OUR DEATH!” hype.

Lets start with the roots here; December 21st 2012 the world will end as predicted by the end of the Mayan Calender's long count. Our solar system will be in line with the galactic core and the gravitational pull of the super massive black hole at it's center will throw us into chaos. The first problem comes with the Calender. The Mayan Calender is circular. It's a endless chain MEANING that it runs like a clock. One cycle ends, then it restarts. It does not simply end. To further play devils advocate lets play with Mayan lore; The next cycle is a feminine symbol filled with growth, prosperity, advancement and enlightening.


Secondly the notions of the super massive black hole messing with us as we even out with the core. I don't know about anyone else but I took a big interest in Physics and learned a great deal watched a lot of Discovery Science, Nova and other things for smart people to know a few things. First being that we are in a spiral arm of our galaxy, not near the core. Physics dictates that the outer rim of our galaxy should rotate slower than the rest of the galaxy core-ward because the Super Massive black hole at the center has no influence this far out. While we do spin at the same rate that is because out here in our unfashionable end of the galaxy we are influenced by dark matter and dark energy, NOT the core. And secondly; we are aligned with the core every year anyway.


Really when it comes down to it it's more a hype for and by people looking for something else in reality. I can't say for sure what each individual looks for in riding these ideas and myths, or misconstruing them without really understanding them. I suppose I never liked the idea of living life in constant fear and prefer to just simply live and not worry about it. The universe is bent on killing us all. That is a truth. Even the universe we call home will die eventually. Asteroids can wipe us out, a gamma ray burst from a distant star can hit us and vaporize our atmosphere and make us like Mars, a rogue black hole can wonder into our system and throw things into chaos before eating us up. Nature loves, and hates life. Those are things we can't avoid. Even earth will be gone in a few billion years when Sol “ our sun” dies and expands to engulf the inner planets erasing any and all traces of life ever being here. It's happening, so what that's nature. I'm more worried off handed by people engulfed in their own paranoid delusions doing stupid things thinking it's going to help them in any way.