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Idiot overdraws 1.5 million and blows it gambling

No, that sounds totally legit.

People do some pretty stupid thing-more so when they get into a casino. Some people can handle it, others go utterly bloody retarded and just don't know when it's enough. I guess that dream of hitting the big one can be a good driving force, but if you are losing every game of something like High/Low or calling “hit” at 20 in Black Jack, then perhaps you should just give up forever.
As it is, some people still just don't get it. So how do you help them? Give them access to an ATM that is allowing them to overdraw their accounts! One such man found an ATM that did just that. Ronald Page, retired, living in the Detroit area  discovered a glitchy ATM at a casino, and was able to over draw his account by 1.5 million dollars. What makes this so funny to me? He lost ALL of it! Oh but the fun is not over.

Ron is now sitting in jail, waiting for sentencing after being convicted for theft of bank funds. Some say it's actually Bank of America's fault for their glitchy system, however I look at it much the same way the courts did. “It may have been glitchy, but you were the dumb ass who just couldn't help but abuse it, even though you knew it was not your money."

Personally if you are going to take advantage of something like that, you don't blow it at a casino. You take it and make a run for it to some place that is not too friendly politically with any nation that may try and extradite you back to the states, but also get some good plastic surgery (swap genders even) and enjoy the rest of your life like a boss! No, Seriously though, don't do that; it's bad.