"King of the Hill" ID will still get you booze in the UK
English police conducted minor alcohol sales study
Aug 25, 2012
No more magic potions on eBay
I know; I'm heart broken too.
Aug 18, 2012
Passing out on an airport's luggage conveyor belt
Only the true drunks could pull this off.
Aug 11, 2012
Scrap booking is NOT art.
Quit acting like it is.
Aug 4, 2012
Chick-fil-A gets dumped for being bigots.
Utilizes Facebook to defend themselves.
Jul 27, 2012
Sir, I need to check your pants.
Oh silly TSA, it's OK, you can admit it...
Jul 21, 2012
One man's goal for the ultimate virtual girlfriend.
Virtual or not, she's still not real.
Jul 13, 2012
San Diego Fourth of July fireworks show: A flaming failure
Congrats San Diego, you're in the news again.
Jul 7, 2012
Smells like a camp fire
Now your butt parts can be less offensive.
Jun 30, 2012
ME3 extended cut coming June 26
May still be a fail.
Jun 22, 2012
Idiot overdraws 1.5 million and blows it gambling
No, that sounds totally legit.
Jun 15, 2012
NOT WANTED: "Bush" panties
No, not the band.
Jun 9, 2012
It's not a zombie outbreak.
Just..please, let it die already.
Jun 1, 2012
Skin tight jeans are bad for your health.
May 25, 2012
Lazy Eyed Emo
You can cry, but I'll be over here laughing.
May 18, 2012