June 2012

Smells like a camp fire

Now your butt parts can be less offensive.

I sadly have to admit it that I grew up in a family where a few members decided that farting was funny and the more rank, the better. It made me a bitter person and one who wished there was a way to take away their joy, while also becoming overly self conscious myself. Thankfully it appears that I'm not alone in my phobia of obnoxious flatus ruining my day; some brilliant people came up with sort of a solution.

ME3 extended cut coming June 26

May still be a fail.

While I admit to being an obsessive Mass Effect fan who was more or less kicked in the quads and left with a very, very bad taste in my mouth after going through ME3, I'm looking forward to the extended cut that was proposed as a way to placate the mass of fans who hated the schlock job the last 15 minutes of the series ended up becoming.

Let's not kid ourselves; it generated enough hate to get attention from media outlets that don't normally pay much attention to the “human side” of the gaming industry, such as Forbes, as well as other news outlets like the BBC.  Fans sent hundreds of cupcakes, all color coded with A,B, or C on them, mocking the “ABC choices players were left with," which was exactly what lead designers said they would not have. 

Idiot overdraws 1.5 million and blows it gambling

No, that sounds totally legit.

People do some pretty stupid thing-more so when they get into a casino. Some people can handle it, others go utterly bloody retarded and just don't know when it's enough. I guess that dream of hitting the big one can be a good driving force, but if you are losing every game of something like High/Low or calling “hit” at 20 in Black Jack, then perhaps you should just give up forever.

NOT WANTED: "Bush" panties

No, not the band.

Some styles, fads and grooming habits in the world die for a reason. This is because they were stupid, or spoke of poor hygiene or, at the very least, a total lack of self respect. Sometimes they die because they, though easier to just “ignore,” led to an inconvenience. This is where "landscaping" comes into play. Both men and women do it, keeping things downtown nice and clean for the tourists or just to feel less cluttered and clean. Why in the bloody hell hipsters had to go and bring a dark page of our history back is beyond me.

It's not a zombie outbreak.

Just..please, let it die already.

If there is one thing I hate more than the older generations getting extra vocal about their “ moral stances” in a certain theological arena, it's the obsession with zombies. “ OMFG U SUK!” the internet cries. Look I'm not a kid, Im of an era where Zombies were b-movie quality fillers in the chain of horror movie fad patterns, and they did not have DC Comics staff writing it so that they suddenly had an excuse or a reason to be super duper effective or immune to this condition or that etc...they were slow, dumb dead things that was it!